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The Health of UK Beagles

Generally the Beagle in the UK is a breed that is not affected by any exaggerations and is healthy enough to still fulfil the original function-a days work in the field. The breed here is monitored and recorded voluntarily and the clubs pull together to look out for any problems with their members very aware of the fact that although the beagle is on the whole a very healthy breed we are not complacent enough to think they cannot be affected by problems.

When buying a puppy from a breeder it is important to ask if they are members of one of the breed clubs as they have a Code of Ethics set out by the Kennel Club and also their own Code of Conduct specific to the breed. The aim of the former is general best practice on the part of pedigree dog breeders and the latter is breed specific relating to the beagle and its unique requirements. Members agree to abide by both of these and thus a puppy buyer can be safe in the knowledge that you will be able to set up a two way relationship ensuring the breeder feels a beagle is the right dog for you and that should you have any questions or need any help in the future you can continue to keep contact.

The Kennel Club asked all breeds clubs to discuss their health and name the three most important health conditions relating to their breed in December of 2008. For beagles we used the most often reported conditions in the breed in recent years. This does not mean that beagles have a very high incidence of these condition rather that we used the voluntary monitoring scheme to discuss these. They had been presented at a seminar in 2007 hosted by the West Mercia and Welsh Beagle Club.

This covered topics such as Steroid Responsive Meningitis (SRM), Epilepsy and Hip Dysplasia (HD). Other health concerns were touched on as well but the former three are those which we have had most reports of in the last 5 years.

Epilepsy is a condition, which affects many other breeds, and there is currently a study being done on possible hereditary links in pedigree dogs at Cambridge University. This condition results in seizures and a vet should check out any dog, which has a seizure, as there are many causes of this. Epilepsy is something that has been present at low levels in beagles for many years along with other breeds. It is unwise to breed from affected dogs but sometimes can be inadvertently caused by combining certain lines.

HD is also a subject under much research and since it primarily affects large breed dogs we hope to gain from knowledge that is coming from that. This can result in painful arthritis and difficulties’ walking so is a concern for the dog and owner. Beagles are a light weight breed compared to some so HD may not cause great problems; but obviously a responsible breeder will not breed from affected dogs.

SRM is a disease that causes inflammation of the arteries supplying the blood supply to the meninges (the membranes surrounding the brain). This is a condition where Beagles appear to be over represented in reports, along with Bernese Mountain Dogs and I am anecdotally told Duck Tolling Retrievers are prone. Having spoken to the owners and breeders of affected dogs we decided to approach the AHT about collecting samples from affected dogs and their relatives for a possible DNA hit on this condition. Owners have been sending in samples along with pedigree and health information for this study. We have started raising funds for this study and plan to apply to the KC Charitable Trust once we have specifics of numbers of samples obtained and therefore costs. If you know of anyone with an affected dog please pass the details below along to them so they might join in the study.

There are a large number of conditions published as occurring in beagles in the scientific literature. On the list that has been supplied juvenile polyarteritis is the same condition as SRM.

A very recent report (August 2010) publicised a litter in the UK with two puppies affected by a condition known as Musladin-Leuke Syndrome (previously called Chinese Beagle Syndrome). MLS is a hereditary condition caused by a recessive gene and causing physical deformities. Breeders in the UK have started testing their beagles (as do the breeders in other countries) for this condition in the hope we can eradicate it over a sensible time period. More details can be found on the website www.salenko.co.uk/MLS.

It is to be remembered that the beagle is unique in the canine world in being the dog used for scientific research and thus some colonies are genetically very different from the beagle in the show world. Such colonies may also be a closed gene pool and any mutation, which occurs, may become prevalent amongst this population. Most of the diseases listed have never been reported to me or seen in the practices I have worked in. This doesn’t mean they don’t occur just that they are not frequently seen in the general beagle population in the UK.

Please contact the Beagle Clubs of the UK for more information on the breed, Beagle Welfare www.beagleadvice.org.uk have excellent advice on the breed. For more information on health matters or to reports any problems please contact Sam Goldberg KC Health Coordinator on samgoldberg@btinternet.com or 01388 665901, www.molesend.co.uk has some health links too.

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